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5 Fun Quadratic Functions Activities

The quadratic equations unit was my absolute favorite unit to teach (jump to tip #5 if you want to know why)! Quadratic functions are lengthy for students, but I just think they are so much fun. When students who have struggled with math their whole lives look back and see that they actually know how to use the quadratic formula, it’s amazing!

Here are 5 tips and activities for teaching quadratic functions to students who struggle with math and students with IEPs in math.

#1 Which one doesn’t belong? Quadratic functions

If you haven’t used the ‘Which one doesn’t belong?’ activity structure with your students who struggle in math, it’s time to try! You can read more about the which one doesn’t belong (WODB) activity structure in this blog post. When you’re ready to try it with quadratic functions, head over to my shop to access 8 pre-made quadratic function themed WODB image sets complete with sentence stems for students! Click here to see the no prep activity.

#2 Desmos Activity: Will It Hit the Hoop?

I’m not shy about my love for Desmos! If you’re new to Desmos, be sure to check out this post about my five favorite desmos features. If you’re ready to try more of a lesson based Desmos activity, Will It Hit the Hoop? is the PERFECT place to start!

It’s all about making a prediction of the path of a basketball being shot into the hoop. Super fun and relevant for students!

#3 Drag and drop digital activity

I’m also not shy about my love for using matching activities (or their virtual counterpart… the drag and drop) for students who struggle with math and students with IEPs in math. The kinesthetic opportunity provided in these types of activities for students is super helpful! In this Solving Quadratics by Factoring Activity (a = 1) Digital Drag and Drop Activity, students match the solution, factor sets, and standard form equation under the corresponding graph. It’s really fun!

#4 Picture Puzzle

Picture puzzles are ALL the rage these days! Have you tried them in your classroom yet? Mackenzie, from 2ndarymath has tons in her shop and I’m loving this Factoring Quadratics When A is Greater Than 1 Digital Picture Puzzle. Check it out!

#5 Quadratic Formula Song (Remix)

Here is the #1 reason I love teaching quadratics to my students: This lil Jon remix. Yup. These students set the quadratic formula to the tune of Lil Jon’s hit, “Get Low” and it’s life changing. Ok, maybe not life changing, but it’s hilarious and your kids (if they are like mine) will LOVE it.

Pro tip: show your students some of your finest dance moves while it plays to crack a smile from even the toughest student in your class. I showcased my awesome shopping cart dance moves during this song and it was always a hit.

So there you have it! Five activities to integrate into your quadratic functions unit! I hope you enjoyed.

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