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Graphing Linear Equations - 5 Activities Students Love!

Graphing calculator or no graphing calculator, that is the question (these days)! The teachers I support in my client work are constantly asking, “do students need to graph by hand when we have such great free online graphing calculators?” My answer: Yes. Students still need to practice graphing with linear equations. Whether you have your students complete a graphing linear equations worksheet or practice graphing linear equations online, it’s vital that they actually practice!

Below are 5 super fun graphing linear equations activities you can try with your students!

#1 Which One Doesn't Belong

I LOVE the activity structure, “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” It’s the BEST way to increase participation of those apathetic students and students who struggle with math. If you’ve never heard of it, check out this blog post. If you’re familiar with it, make sure you use it in your graphing linear equations unit - especially when you’re graphing linear equations slope intercept form!

If you’re looking for premade WODB activities for linear equations, click here to snag your set!

#2 Graphing linear equations word problems

Anyone else guilty of skipping the word problems in the linear equations unit? (Me!) My favorite way to introduce word problems is with the Notice & Wonder strategy. You can learn more about it over in this blog post. If you’re looking for an activity to help students make connections between real world context word problems, tables, graphs, and equations written in slope intercept form, look no further! I’ve created a printable matching activity and digital drag and drop version to offer students a kinesthetic math activity. So much better than a linear equations word problems worksheet!

#3 Matching Activity - Graphing linear equations slope intercept form

I try to use matching activities as much as possible. They are kinesthetic. They get students cutting and thinking and moving strips around. So of course a matching activity for graphing linear equations is in store! In this printable activity, students match a graph with it’s corresponding slope, y-intercept, and equation in slope intercept form.

If that’s just way too much cutting for your kids, feel free to download the digital version instead.

#4 Same and Different

If you love Which One Doesn’t Belong? but need to switch it up a bit, check out the activity, Same and Different. You literally give your students two images and ask them to tell you a few things that are the same and a few things that are different. I know it doesn’t sound that great, but give it a try! You’ll be amazed at how much math discourse it creates in your classroom! Graphing linear equations is a GREAT unit to kick it off! Score your image sets right here!

#5 Review graphing ordered pairs - I have Who Has

If you teach students who struggle with math, math intervention, or lots of students with IEPs in math, you’re going to need to review how to graph ordered pairs when you begin your linear functions unit. My favorite activity for coordinate plane and ordered pair review is “I have, Who has?” Do you know it? Here’s my ordered pair activity ready for you to print and go! Basically, students are given a grid with lots of little emojis and objects on it. They are also given cards that say something like, “I have the sunglasses, who has the object at (0, -4)?” or “I have (2, 1), who has the coordinate for the house?” It creates a chain of questions and answers and the kids LOVE it!

Looking for math strategies for struggling learners?

Download my FREE math intervention strategies guide today to help with teaching linear equations and so much more!

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