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3 Amazing Mathematics Professional Development for Teachers

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

I’ve taught math at three different high schools. I’ve attended some amazing professional development for math teachers, and I’ve also attended some math trainings for teachers that were SUCH a waste of time with no application to my classroom.

In 2018 I was fed up with math trainings for teachers that had no connection for me as a teacher working with students below grade level in math, that I decided to leave the classroom to found my own consultancy, CollaboratEd. Since that day I’ve provided incredible workshops and PD for over 1,500 math teachers. 100% (literally every single teacher) has said they are “likely” or “extremely likely” to use strategies they learned in my workshop in their classroom. That makes my heart smile.

In 2020 when all things went virtual, so did my PD. Now I’ve mastered the art of virtual professional development and decided to make my workshops available to teachers themselves instead of always needing an administrator to hire me.

In this post I share all three of my amazing mathematics professional development for teachers. They are all PD for math teachers online and they are truly transformational. Enjoy reading more about each one and make sure you read to the end for a very important savings announcement!

What makes you qualified to provide math trainings for teachers?

For one, my classroom experience. I’ve actually taught high school math intervention and algebra 1 at three different high schools in historically underserved communities. This means I actually understand what it’s like to teach students who struggle with math and I bring that experience into every math PD I provide.

Secondly, since leaving the classroom to create my own consultancy, I’ve been hired by over 43 schools and the Colorado Department of Education to provide quality professional development for math teachers online and in person. You can read more about my clients here.

I also hold an M.Ed from UCLA’s Teacher Education Program, have been published in NCTMs journal, and am an in-demand presenter at national conferences like NCTM and CAMT.

A comment about workshop costs

A teacher should NEVER pay out of pocket for one of my math trainings. On the registration page for each workshop there is always a link to an email you can copy and paste to your administration asking them to cover your cost. I’ve rarely heard of administrators saying no to such a low cost mathematics professional development for teachers, so I encourage you to try!

Math Engagement Workshop

Who it’s for: 6-12th grade math and SPED teachers who are frustrated with the sound of crickets in their classrooms. If you feel like it’s like pulling teeth to get students to talk about math, this is the workshop for you!

What it’s about: Learn 6 engagement activity structures that take 5-10 minutes of class time and will make participation and discourse skyrocket! These are structures with no correct answer so they encourage participation from every single student, even the apathetic ones and students with high math anxiety.

What it’ll do for your classroom: Truly get every single student participating and engaging in discourse around mathematics. The shy students, the students who always put their heads down, the students who never even try… they will participate in these structures. I promise!

Workshop length: 90 minutes and can be implemented tomorrow

Math Wars Method™ Workshop

Who it’s for: 6-12th grade math and SPED teachers who want to make their instruction more engaging and collaborative (and also save planning time!)

What it’s about: Save massive amounts of planning time and create lessons that increase student engagement, collaboration, and achievement with the signature 4-step Math Wars™ Method. The method is an approach to delivering content each and every day that combines gradual release of responsibility, collaboration, and the ability to easily gather immediate formative feedback in a way that ensures each and every student is understanding the material in real time.

What it’ll do for your classroom: Get every single student taking notes (read the testimonials on the registration page if you don’t believe me), get every single student collaborating with a small group, get every single student ready to participate with an answer.

Not to mention it’ll finally stop those painful blank stares (you know the ones after you teach a lesson and then ask students to work together on a worksheet) and will finally put an end to thinking the lesson went well only to feel disheartened when the majority of students still failed your test.

Workshop length: All instructional videos can be watched in 80 minutes and implemented tomorrow

Rethinking Math Assessment Framework™ Workshop

Who it’s for: There are two types of teachers this workshop is for…

#1: 6-12th grade math and SPED teachers who have been told they need to switch to standards based grading and they don’t understand how it works with math

#2: 6-12th grade math and SPED teachers who are curious about stepping away from a traditional 0-100% grading system to one that is equitable and motivational to students who struggle

What it’s about: You’ll learn the 8 part framework proven to save you time grading, motivate your most challenging math students, and increase 6th-12th grade math achievement. The Rethinking Math Assessment Framework™️ uses a rubric style grading approach combined with a weekly assessment protocol that yields incredible, easy to use formative data for teachers and is compatible with standards based/competency based systems as well as traditional grading systems.

What it’ll do for your classroom: Save you massive amounts of grading time, motivate your students who struggle like nothing else can, and increase student achievement because they’ll actually put effort into every single assessment. I swear (just read the testimonials on the registration page to hear it from other teachers)

Workshop length: All 8 instructional videos can be watched in 120 minutes


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