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From LOATHING to LOVING teaching students who struggle with math

Learn how to increase collaboration & engagement every day with my signature 4-step Math Wars Method™️ that combines gradual release of responsibility, collaboration, and immediate formative feedback. Walk away with the 5 most effective research based math instructional strategies + my prerequisite checklist to make sure your classroom is ready for your students who struggle to succeed


Math Engagement Workshop

Learn 6 engagement activity structures that take 5-10 minutes of class time and will make participation and discourse skyrocket! These are structures with no one single correct answer so they encourage participation from every single student, even the apathetic ones and students with high math anxiety. 


Math Wars Method™ Workshop

Save massive amounts of planning time and create lessons that increase student engagement, collaboration, and achievement with the signature 4-step Math Wars™ Method. The method is an approach to delivering content each and every day that combines gradual release of responsibility, collaboration, and the ability to easily gather immediate formative feedback in a way that ensures each and every student is understanding the material in real time.

*My most popular workshop


Rethinking Math Assessment Framework™ Workshop

You’ll learn the 8 part framework proven to save you time grading, motivate your most challenging math students, and increase 6th-12th grade math achievement. The Rethinking Math Assessment Framework™️ uses a rubric style grading approach combined with a weekly assessment protocol that yields incredible, easy to use formative data for teachers and is compatible with standards based/competency based systems as well as traditional grading systems.

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