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Case Study: Statewide Support And Rave Math Teacher Reviews

It’s natural to wonder, “is this experience going to be worth my time and money?” Especially math professional development. You might be leery of a math consultant who claims to help teachers working with students who struggle.

… What result is she really seeing?

You’re in the right place!

This post is a deep dive into one of my clients, Colorado Department of Education Facility Schools.

Meet CDE Facility Schools

In 2020 directors from CDE reached out to me asking for help supporting their math teachers with professional development. They had seen me present at the “Courage to Risk Conference” in January and walked out saying, “We have to get her!”

If you’re unfamiliar with “Facility Schools” they are schools that are also residential facilities, day treatment facilities, and hospitals.

According to the CDE website, facility schools serve 6,000 students per year and cover 80 school districts across Colorado.

Unique Challenges

  • Transient student population

  • Students start school at all times of the year

  • Majority of students on IEPs

  • Teachers have multiple grade levels within each class period, making differentiation not just ideal, but essential

  • Teachers are widespread across the entire state of Colorado

Scope of Work

  • Various asynchronous and synchronous virtual professional development sessions throughout the school year (eventually this turned into unlimited access to my course, Math Engagement Academy)

  • Presentations at their Kaleidoscope conference for staff only

  • Virtual “office hours” for teachers to ask questions


To date, all of my work has been virtual for Facility Schools and not mandatory. Schools, districts, and organizations hire me for various scopes of work - some include mandatory attendance of my workshops as well as instructional coaching and some are more passive, like this, making support optional. When support is optional, I do not collect numerical student achievement data. So the results I have to share are anecdotal.

Administrator review

Watch the 1 minute administrator’s video to hear what she thinks of our collaboration…

Teacher reviews

Below are quotes from Facility Schools math teachers from their feedback surveys after our workshops together…

Next steps

Could your whole department or district use this kind of support? Contact me today and let’s come up with a customized plan for your unique needs.

Want a copy of my Math Achievement Framework for Administrators?

Click here to download my C.A.R.E.S. Math Achievement Framework so you can assess if we're on the same page about mathematics instruction and get an activity to use immediately with your staff!

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