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Hybrid Math Class Engagement Activity

Keeping students engaged in the hybrid model definitely has unique challenges. As a math intervention specialist, I've been providing math teacher workshops for schools utilizing the hybrid model and teachers are loving the resources over at for getting in person and remote students engaged at the same time!

But the website can be OVERWHELMING the first time you check it out. So just as I mentioned in my free engagement guide, one of my favorite “days” is day 112. And since we’re entering Fall, talking about pie feels really appropriate.

(Side note, 🍏 apple is my favorite, how about you?)

Why don’t you participate?

About what percent of the pie below has been eaten?

When you submit the form, be sure to click “view score” to find out the actual percentage and access the fun video reveal created by the awesome folks over at or check it out by clicking on day 112.

As a hybrid teacher you could scribe your in person students estimates on your whiteboard while your remote students add their estimates into the chat. You can reveal the answer to both students at the same time and celebrate students, both remote and in person, who had close estimates and thoughtful reasoning!

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