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Case Study: How Sarah went from loathing to loving teaching repeater algebra 1 students

It’s natural to wonder, “is this workshop going to be worth my time and money?” Especially math professional development. You might be leery of a math consultant who claims to help teachers working with students who struggle.

… What results is she really seeing?

You’re in the right place!

This post is a deep dive into Sarah’s experience with my Math Wars Method Workshop.

Meet Sarah...

She’s a veteran teacher in Indiana. She typically teaches Geometry, but in 2022 was asked to teach the remedial Algebra 1 class at her school. To say she was not excited is an understatement. Here are some snippets of her messages to me on instagram.

I knew I could help her.

I knew the Math Wars Method could transform her classroom into a space where..

➤ Students who had failed before could actually be encouraged to put in effort and give math a try

➤ She could feel empowered with an instructional strategy that truly worked for her kids

➤ Students could collaborate and engage like never before

Luckily, she registered for the Math Wars Method Workshop and two days (TWO DAYS!!) later she sent me this message on Instagram…

And two WEEKS later she left this feedback for me in the workshop survey…

Can you believe this story gets BETTER?

SIX WEEKS after the workshop, Sarah and I exchanged this message on IG and it’s just too good not to show you...

Seeing Sarah have this level of success with this instructional strategy was incredible. Results like this fuel me to keep sharing my ideas about math instruction for struggling students. Now the question is, why not you?

Next steps

Teachers: I am 100% this kind of success is possible for you too. Click here to learn more about the Math Wars Method Workshop.

Administrators: Could your whole department or district use these sort of results? Contact me today and let’s come up with a customized plan for your unique needs!

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