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Meeting Planning

I will work with math department chairs or PLC leads to help them plan effective, positive, and student centered meetings - whether their teams meet in person or virtually.

Department Culture

Together with department chairs or PLC leads, we will assess current department culture and discuss strategies to increase math department culture as we track our progress.

District Math Services

I will partner with district math leaders and/or TOSAs to assist in planning district wide professional development, curriculum adoption, pacing, etc.

Virtual Learning Walks

Distance learning has made it even easier to visit colleagues' classrooms. I will plan and facilitate virtual learning walks for a department or district so teachers can learn from each other and build collegiality.


Mei Tseng

Math Department Chair

Milpitas High School

"It was a great opportunity to work with Juliana. I have learned more than I could imagine from our book discussions. I wish I could have gotten to know her earlier so I could work even better with my Math department colleagues."


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