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How to Copy, Edit, and Combine Desmos Math Teacher Activities (hint: it’s really easy)

Desmos is an incredible math tech resource to use for math technology in the classroom. If you haven’t checked out desmos as a math website for teachers, I encourage you to check out these previous posts for some additional (and more prerequisite) desmos math tips:

Whether you’ve been using desmos in your classroom for a while or you can’t wait to get started with your first activity, this 9 minute video guide will show you how to copy, edit, and combine desmos math teacher activities!

This guide video specifically shows you how to create a lesson from start to finish on desmos with the following lesson flow:

  • Start with “screens for checking in” to integrate social emotional learning into your math lesson.

  • Move on to an engaging math activity created by desmos, specifically on coordinate points, but you could sub in any activity here.

  • Finish the lesson with a prompt to encourage student reflection on the mathematics they just learned.

You’ll learn how to change the text in pre-made problems as well as how to re-order and combine slides inside of the Desmos activity builder without needing to learn Desmos computation layer (CL) coding language.

The best part, within 9 minutes you’ll have a lesson ready to publish to students. It’s that quick and easy, I promise.

Head over to instagram and tell me what you thought of this guide!

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